Moroccan Subsidiaries
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In Morocco, BANK OF AFRICA – BMCE Group subsidiaries are specialists in leasing, consumer credit, factoring and debt recovery.



BMCE CAPITAL is the Group's investment banking arm. Established in 1998, this subsidiary is organised along 8 complementary but integrated business lines - corporate finance and advisory, asset management, securities brokerage, financial research, wealth management, capital markets and post-trade solutions. BMCE Capital aspires to become a pan-African leader in investment banking.

Net income 2020 : 1,2 M million
Social net income 2020 : 40 M million



MAGHREBAIL is BANK OF AFRICA – BMCE Group specialist lease financing subsidiary, helping corporates and professional customers to finance investment in capital goods and property. MAGHREBAIL, which has more than 40 years' experience, is ranked second in its industry with a 24.62% share of the market.    

Net Banking Income 2021 : 328 MDH
Consolidated net income 2021 : 99,1 MDH



SALAFIN is BANK OF AFRICA Group's specialist consumer credit subsidiary. Its product range comprises three types of product - personal loans, car finance and revolving credit. Established in 1997, SALAFIN is currently ranked fourth in its industry in terms of issuance.

Net Banking Income 2021 : 360 MDH
Consolidated net income 2021 : 84,7 MDH



MAROC FACTORING is BANK OF AFRICA specialist subsidiary in accounts receivable management: guaranteeing the risk of non-payment, accounts receivable financing and end-to-end portfolio management.

Net Banking Income 2021 : 34 MDH
Consolidated net income 2021 : 3,5 MDH



RM EXPERTS (Recovery International Management and Expertise) is BANK OF AFRICA – BMCE Group specialist subsidiary in recovering accounts receivable: handling non-performing loans and credit portfolio management through corrective action.

Net Banking Income 2021 : 1,2 MDH
Consolidated net income 2021 : 0,7 MDH


BTI Bank 

BTI "Bank Al-Tamweel Wa Al-Inma" is the Group’s participatory bank. It was launched in December 2017 in partnership between BANK OF AFRICA (51% ownership) and Al Baraka Bank Group (49% ownership). It has been included in the Group’s scope of consolidation since the first half of 2018.

Net Banking Income 2021 : 9,6 MDH
Consolidated net income 2021 : -21,5 MDH